Cai Mengying closed her eyes and whispered. Xie Lianda is naturally the center of everyone in the club. Listening to the commentary in the live "Well, this is not the time to say that." Just like the soul of a strong Terran, it is as clear as his ghost at the bottom of the puddle. These Jiang Han is ready to give Yan Yu Mo and other people a share, without favoritism. Asked the commander, sitting down with his teacup. Yuxi is sitting on the cold rock. She has just finished her training. At this time, she is bending a She really realized that the strongest new star of Tianpeng power is not the golden prince, nor tian "I don't have this book with me. If I can get out alive, you can go to my house and read it." Li Minghui is usually careless, but his self-esteem is very strong. Once this bull temper breaks out He is more inclined to the second guess, because the next world he wants to enter is the story of se Not everyone has enough pressure capacity, can't stand the natural collapse. Power, steel and iron, an advanced version of the ability to petrify skin. If the imperial army wants to conquer Yekaterinburg, it does not know how much it will cost. Wang Lu was also surprised: "Ouyang elder martial brother? Why are you here? I can't see that yo The sharp whistling broke through the void and pierced into the eardrums of all people. Those weak m Wu Zeqing said with a smile, "I'm still waiting to read your novel. If I don't, I won't In a flash, as long as there is even a little gap in Mei Xue's body, it's the time for his b

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