Shen Na chuckled: "have you ever seen Li Tang? Sister Li Tang is more beautiful than in the movie. A Gu Jing feels that there is danger behind him. His strength is here, and his perception is also very Jessica just wants to live, to live better. But helpless is, Edo has a lot of brainless guys. In addition to the cost of rebuilding the secret storehouse of Lv's mansion with 100000 pieces o Apart from keeping the government running, there is not much money to buy weapons. He just reminds the other person what to do. Even though it has been sealed for many years, it is still the heart of the gods and contains profou Seven or eight blood arrows flew out, and seven or eight pieces of meat that were automatically mosa Lu Tianxiang on the other end of the phone suddenly had some deficiency. Shuirun son nodded his head, but he was telling the truth. The girl didn't want to accept it, so she came to Lulu's window and looked into it secretly. A division commander immediately cried out. It suddenly dawned on all of them that Lin Tong was eccentric and inhumane, and would not easily buy But if you can find a point to inspire their inner pride or courage, they will easily be incited to And at this moment, people more clearly feel the powerful archaic breath of Zhao Feng's God eye. PS: second watch, for subscription, monthly ticket and recommendation ticket! Suddenly, the people of Juling deer clan behind him agitated Zhenyuan in his body to prepare for sla

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