Without waiting for the fat man to retort, Yan Xiaobei slapped him in the face and directly beat him With a gloomy face, Zhong Liwu's mood soon stabilized. Big brother Hong, you can't buy big white steamed bread Shopkeeper Wang called out, "old immortal, did you follow that man to leave that day? Don't you Seeing Xiaobai's serious talk, Su Yi had to accept it. At first glance, it seemed ridiculous, bu Jessica hugged Xiao Ping and choked: "if it wasn't for you, neither I nor my children could live It's hard to imagine how deep the two men are. Yes, it's a shame that can't be looted for decades! Or Dushi Yi saw that the opportunity was fast blocking him, so he had to pant back a step, but his m But think about it. With Feng Qingming's cultivation and confidence, the person who can be admir His face was distorted, and he could no longer float quietly in his original position as a commander In fact, ordinary people can also do experiments. After the devils arrived in the city, they were a little better. The main reason is that the devils Gao Yang nodded with a light smile on his face and said, "you are careful." "Every month you play odd and I play even." Xin Yin immediately felt a small piece of black things from her body, which looked like pieces of ja "I can understand what you think, but the thought that even you were forced to change, I suddenly fe Previously, when she learned that Ji Wen's assassination might have something to do with Du Shiy

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